SUNDAY MAY 27, 2018


Children are God’s heritage, and parents are stewards. Being a parent is a position of trust, it is a privilege. It attracts eternal reward from the Lord who owns our Children. As parents, God has entrusted us with the responsibility to nurture the Children He has given to us, so that they can become who God designed them to be.

As parents, we are God’s agent to administer what He has put at our disposal to the benefit of our Children. God has given us time, so we have to spend both quality and sufficient time with our children.

We have to give attention to our Children in order to know them well. Each child is unique, and has a unique assignment in life. God has wired each child to suit the destiny He has for them. We have to know each child so that we can manage them effectively, we have to customise our approach of their nurturing to their peculiarity.

You and I have the responsibility to know the personality types of our wards. This requires intentional efforts to study and understand them.

Children are a gift from God, they belong to Him. Therefore, as appointed stewards over the children, our foremost responsibility is to ensure that our Children do not forsake God. So that God can use them as His agents to fulfil His agenda in their generation.

This does not happen by chance or automatically. The devil’s three fold agenda is to steal, to kill, and to destroy.

“The thief comes only in order to steal, kill, and destroy. I have come in order that you might have life — life in all its fullness.”- ‭‭John‬ ‭10:10‬ ‭(GNB‬‬)

Satan has no capacity to create, so he has nothing he can call his own, and our children do not belong to him. However, he steals the heart of children and make them become his own agents to fulfil his own evil agenda on earth. The devil steals destinies and the glory God has packaged for his children. The devil kills and destroys children; he attempted to kill Moses, and likewise Jesus, but their parents prevented him.

The devil is still at work in every generation using every available means. God has put us in charge of His heritage as parents, consequently, He has also granted us grace so that we can play this role without struggle. All we need to do as parents is to abide in God, and connect to His grace; so that we can be channels of grace. We must make ourselves available to God to enrich our lives with what we need to succeed in His bidding.

As parents, we cannot succeed in the discipline of our children by being autocratic, neither can we by being permissive. We cannot afford to be indifferent or passive parents. We must be active, we must be relational; we must develop a healthy and mutual relationship with our children, so that we can influence them positively. We must be role models for them.

God bless you.

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