“However, apart from Me [cut off from vital union with Me] you can do nothing.”-John 15:5B

Relationship is very important in the Kingdom of God. You become a citizen of God’s Kingdom when you are born by the King; this automatically makes you a member of God’s family and a citizen of heaven.

Through this definite experience, a change of nature occurs. You acquire God’s nature as God’s ‘gene’ is birth in you. At new birth we acquire God’s potential and His character; we obtain power against sin – hating what God hates and loving what He loves.

For us as Kingdom citizens to continue to thrive in the Kingdom, we must stay connected to the Father- our source, and the King. As long as we retain and maintain this connection, we live at the expense of the Father–King. As long as we keep this vital link, everything in God flows into us and through us.

The key to being able to express and manifest God is to remain connected to God. This is the key to having fresh oil and fresh fire from the King. This ensures a flow of all the resources in the Father to us – God’s wisdom, grace, power etc, just as continuous connectivity ensures constant flow of current from the mains to an appliance – e.g. electric heater, air conditioner, keyboard, microphone etc. And the appliance will function uniquely according to the manufacturer’s intention for developing it.

So also our individual unbroken relationship guarantees a constant supply of Grace for each one of us to function and fulfil our unique purpose in life. The secret of struggle free, sweat free productivity in life is staying connected with our Father. The enemy of God’s Kingdom will want to severe our connection with the Father through sin of disobedience to God and His word. The devil will want us to break free, and live independent of God. Whenever he succeeds to achieve this, one is left on his own – isolated, detached and cut off from the supply of God’s Grace and virtues.

When a branch is cut off from the vine, it falls to the ground immediately and is subsequently trodden and trampled upon; driven away by wind or storm as chaff; and carried away by flood. It has no power in itself to resist whatever comes its way; it becomes vulnerable to changing circumstances.

Our relationship with God must therefore be protected at all costs. It must be strongly and constantly guarded, because this relationship is fundamentally important. It must be nurtured, and kept strong.

We must place the highest premium to this relationship, it must be highly esteemed. Our remaining in the Kingdom and enjoying the provisions of the Kingdom depends on it. We can achieve this through habitual fellowship with the King.

“Noah was a just and righteous man, blameless in his [evil] generation; Noah walked [in habitual fellowship] with God.”- Genesis 6:9

Primarily we must be aware that it is our relationship that makes us and keeps us as Kingdom citizens not our activity or our service. Let us do everything to stay connected to God, and if we do, we will never be alone, but elevated, supported, equipped and constantly empowered to fulfil destiny and to experience the righteousness, peace and the joy of the Kingdom.

God bless you!

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