“His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.”- ‭‭John‬ ‭2:5 (KJV‬‬)

Loyalty to God requires obedience to Him at all times. It takes a broken heart to obey God. Obedience to God is being dead to self, it requires absolute humility, it is allegiance to God.

When you are loyal to God, you do not obey Him because it is convenient, you obey Him because you are committed to Him. In order words, loyalty is sacrificial.

Obedience to God must not only be because of the fear of consequences or repercussions, otherwise it is not loyalty. When our motivation to obey God is based on the expected reward, that also is not loyalty.

Our obedience to God is not loyalty when we obey because it makes sense. It is not loyalty when obeying God falls in line with our own will or desire. Obedience to God implies just obeying God because that is what He demands from you and I!

God wants to accomplish His missions on earth through you and I. He has therefore appointed us to be His ambassadors, He has chosen us to be His messengers. Our lives is all about fulfilling God’s purpose, that is why He created us in the first instance.

The first man and woman lost out through disobedience. They were deceived into accepting that they were losing out on life by obeying God. They bought the lies of the devil and by so doing, disconnected from God and became irrelevant to God and His purpose. They were no longer fit for God’s purpose.

We must, individually, learn lessons from that account of history and not allow it to repeat itself in our lives. Each time we disobey God we fall, that is, we are in a fallen state when we disobey God.

So don’t keep on falling, rise up in obedience to God! We were recreated in Christ Jesus when God purchased us back with the life of His only beloved and begotten Son.

We are now in covenant partnership with God to execute His sovereign will and agenda on earth. God wants to intervene in the affairs of humanity, He wants to exert His influence through you and I. And it is by making up our mind and being determined to always obey Him that God will bring about His timely intervention in every circumstance or situation in our world today.

Our obeying God involves:

  • Obeying the written Word of God unquestionably (i.e. not picking and choosing). It is all or none!
  • Obeying the authorities God has placed over us.
  • Following the instructions from the Lord either as sent through His messengers to us or as revealed through the teaching of His Word time to time.

This is loyalty to God; Obedience to God and His written or spoken Word at all cost!

God bless you

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