“And he said unto them, this kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.”- Mark 9:29


Prayer and fasting is a divine ordinance instituted by God in the Old and New Testament. Our Lord Jesus Christ, while on earth to fulfil His purpose, not only taught on prayer and fasting but did fast as often as was needed.


In this passage, Jesus indicated that there is a level of authority or power you cannot wield or command except only if you fast and pray. There is a level of divine operation which is only possible with prayer and fasting.


Each time you pray and fast, you access and attract a great dimension of divine power. With a lifestyle of prayer and fasting, there is a build-up of supernatural ability which becomes part of one’s life. The more you pray and fast, the greater is the build-up of grace.


There is always a PRICE to pay for any prize. Prayer and fasting is a price to pay in order to acquire God’s power and operate as God. God and His glorious power is available to all. However, this power is released only to those who prove they are seriously in need of it.


The desires of the flesh are against the spirit. The power of God flows to us when our spirit connects with God who is Spirit. The flesh through its desires, block our spiritual connectivity to God, and therefore prevents the flow of His grace.


In prayer and fasting, the flesh is afflicted and weakened; so it is as if it were dead. It therefore loses ability to express its desires; so the spirit is then unrestrained. In fasting, our flesh is subdued and humbled; this allows the grace of God to flow into our lives: God gives grace to the humble.


In prayer and fasting, our faith in God is activated and made alive. As we pray and fast, God becomes more real to us, and our confidence in Him is enhanced.


This is another opportunity to prove our seriousness to encounter God; to make the necessary sacrifice to gain God’s attention. This must not be a routine. We must know what we are out to gain; we must have an expectation.


We need God’s power to overcome satanic opposition; we need God’s power to break free from habits that limit us; we need God’s power to reign and establish God’s will in our lives.


We need God’s power to fulfil God’s destiny for us. We need God’s power to experience all round breakthrough in our lives.


As we look up to God in this 30 Days of Prayer & Fasting, let us consecrate our lives and commit to this prayer and fasting wholeheartedly and we shall be empowered to reign.


God Bless You!

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