Radical Youth was formed out of GVC Youth Church in August 2003 at Alton Towers in Staffordshire. Pastor (DR) Ezekiel Alawale appointed Kola Oyeneyin to be the Founding President and other execs were chosen too.


Our vision is:

– To provide holistic support for all interested students at each University.

– To create a space where issues of wellbeing and spirituality can be discussed and celebrated.

– To empower students and help them influence their universities for Christ.

– To provide the support that is in the Multi-Cultural Diversity within each University.

We are aware that all Universities in the UK are diverse and culturally rich. Our objectives therefore are:

– To offer Spiritual and Personal Support to all students at an individual level.

– To offer the opportunity for Prayer, Discussion and to celebrate the Christian faith in an enabling environment.

– To enable Students to Support each other through regular Meetings and Events.

– We are Cross-Cultural – African, British, Asian, Caribbean and numerous other cultures

We are not here to preach or talk down students or other societies, but to create an environment that brings people with common interests together.

– We also offer free Effective Leadership Training Workshops and conduct Seminars on Relationships, and Career Advice for final year students only.

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