To raise a people with a Kingdom mindset, to discover their purpose, maximise their potentials and influence
their generation with the Gospel of Christ.’


God’s Vineyard Ministries is a God given vision, where God is the Gardener, Jesus is the Vine and we are the Branches.

Through this relationship, we spread the gospel to the world and bear fruits that abide to serve as the vineyard of God on earth. (see John 15)


– Our identity is about raising a people (young or old)  who will put seeking God’s Kingdom first.- (Matt 6:33).

– Our identity is about raising a people who will be heavenly conscious and earthly relevant. 

– Our identity is about helping people discover their purpose and fulfil their destiny in God.


Empowering lives Building Society’

We seek to do this by  reaching up to God , reaching to one another  and reaching  out to the community..


i. To minister to the whole man: spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially.

ii. To organise periodic seminars to enhance people’s knowledge in life principles based on the Word of God.

 iii. To organise community outreaches to the homeless, alcoholics, drug addicts, the less privileged etc.

 iv. To share the gospel with everyone at every opportunity.

 v. To organise variety programs, such as musical concerts etc., aimed at reaching the youths

vi. To give special attention to family development, marriages, single hood, teenage years etc

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