Radical Youth (RY) is the student ministry of God’s Vineyard Ministries.

RY is a Vibrant Student Led fellowship where Students are encouraged in the Faith. It is a Forum that welcomes Christians and Non-Christians from different backgrounds who desire to know more about God through the in-depth and highly interactive study of the word of God.


  • To provide a holistic support for all interested students at each University.
  • To create space where issues of wellbeing and spirituality can be discussed and celebrated.
  • To empower students and help them influence their universities for Christ.
  • To provide support that reflects the Multi Cultural Diversity within each University.
  • To offer Spiritual and Personal Support to all students at individual level.
  • To offer the opportunity for Prayer, Discussion and to celebrate the Christian faith in an enabling Environment.
  • To enable Students to Support each other through regular Meetings and Events.


RADICAL………. The meaning

  • R – Raising a generation of Youths with a desire to know God and His Word.
  • A – Alleviating the pain of the past and building the steps of the Future.
  • D – Developing wholeness in the Body, Soul and Spirit.
  • I – Implementing and Unfolding Gifts. Teaching and maturing skills.
  • C – Constructing Unity, Embracing Diversity, Accepting Individuality.
  • A – Appealing to students in Universities with a message of Love and Peace.
  • L – Living in hope, Strengthened in Faith and Aspiring for Greatness.


We are Cross Cultural – Africans, British, Asians, Caribbean’s e.t.c

  • We are not here to preach or talk down students or other societies, but to create an environment that brings people with common interests together.
  • We also offer free Effective Leadership Trainings, workshops and conduct Seminars on Relationships, Career – (final yr students only) etc


We have various departments for members to express their potentials:

  • Radical Moves – Through the act of dancing.
  • Radical Acts – Through the creativity of drama.
  • Radical Voices – Through the expression of singing.

(Regular rehearsals are arranged to build on skills) 

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